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Living composition People collection P205

Pianca living


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Pianca living

Composition from W 200 x D 45 x H 225 cm with hanging shutter units and open units.
Paglia, zafferano and white matt lacquered finish.


  • n°1 shutter hanging unit (W 30 x D 45 x H 140 cm)
  • n°2 shutter hanging units (W 40 x D 35 x H 100 cm each)
  • n°1 shutter hanging unit (W 40 x D 35 x H 90 cm)
  • n°1 shutter hanging unit (W 60 x D 45 x H 60 cm)
  • n°2 open hanging units (W 30 x D 35 x H 80 cm each)
  • n°1 open hanging unit (W 30 x D 25 x H 30 cm)
  • n°1 open hanging unit (W 30 x D 25 x H 60 cm)
  • n°1 shelf for open unit (W 30 x D 25 x H 1,4 cm)

Our interior designers have designed this composition to enhance the quality and character of the products of Pianca.
Contact us for a customized solution tailored to you.

"People, a home made of people. Products capable of satisfying anyone's wishes and dreams."

Additional Info

Estimated production time 6 weeks