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Living composition Spazioteca collection SP106

Pianca living


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Pianca living

Composition from W 240 x D 36 x H 184 cm with open modules and sliding doors.


  • n°2 terminal column with open modules (W 57 x D 33 x H 184 cm each)
  • n°1 column with sliding door in wood (W 177 x D 36 x H 184 cm)
  • n°2 floor sides (W 3 x D 33 x H 184 cm each)

Our interior designers have designed this composition to enhance the quality and character of the products of Pianca.
Contact us for a customized solution tailored to you.

"... if the word book evokes in you the wonder, if you like to watch them, recognize them, touch them, then it is fair to give them all the space they deserve. A library simple and straightforward to support all the intrinsic value of your favorite pages. to easily recall all the sensations and memories that will never want to deprive you ... "

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Estimated production time 6 weeks